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"Walking in Margaret's Footsteps"

FOUNDED IN 2008, The Margaret of New Orleans Community Association was established to create a memorial cottage to commemorate Margaret Haughery's (nee Gaffney) Birthplace and to raise public awareness of her life and work. The organisation wishes to continue to follow in her footsteps by raising funds for local charities and to work with our partners in the U.S. to have Margaret beatified.


Our mission statement and aims and objectives are as follows:-

♥ We wish to "Walk in Margarets footsteps" by providing events that can raise monies for local charities
♥ We strive at all times to promote our local area and support all business and individuals in the area and nationally
♥We will promote our local Culture, Heritage and Arts whilst protecting our environment and run all activities in a sustainable and responsible manner

♥We wish to achieve these goals by inviting people to come and "Walk in Margarets footsteps with us" tapping into the interest in Margaret, Ireland and our immediate locality by forging links with partners both locally, nationally and abroad

Margaret's history is lengthy and complex and you can access it here. We would also like to recommend our Facebook Page and the New Orleans Margaret Movement: Beloved Margaret Haughery of New Orleans Facebook.  If you need further details on the Margaret Movement or if we can help you in any way in regard to Margaret, you can Email us.

Prayer for Beatification

Dear God of mercy and compassion,
your words—"As long as you did it for one of these, the least of my brethern, you did it for me— inspired Margaret of New Orleans to devote her life  to helping feed and clothe, not only the under-privileged children of New Orleans, but also the destitute, the orphans, the poor, the sick and the elderly of that great city.
We commend to you her charitable work on behalf of the underprivileged Catholics, Protestants, Jews, black and coloured creeds, for whom she worked so tirelessly.
With faith and trust in our hearts, we pray for her beatification so that she may continue to encourage us to lead humble and charitable lives. We pray also that the work of Margaret of New Orleans will help to inspire today's rulers of society to develop a more positive attitude towards the less well-off in their care. 

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Tully, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

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